Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Challenges

I'm the type of person that is nervous doing something unless it's something I have done at least once.  I also try not to worry about what people thing about me, however I still find myself worrying about other opinions of me..  I really dislike this trait and I am still working on overcoming it.  I want to be able to just try new things but I over analyze the situation.  I always assume that I'm not going to have a good time, luckily for me I have an awesome hubby that helps me through these situations and reassures me about it.  Without him I probably wouldn't do anything because I would analyze too much. 

I have made a decision for myself, and it's something I have to accomplish for myself.   I have decided to go through RCIA classes and because Catholic.  I really feel like this is a good thing for me and my family.  This is what I believe in and the way I want my son raised.  It will be hard work and a lot to learn but I'm proud of myself for doing it!!! Pray for my success!

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