Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I blew that out of proportion!!!

I had my scope done today, it really wasn't as bad as I convienced myself it would be, go figure, I'm really good about doing that... Waiting to go into the room was the worst, well that and not eatting or drinking anything all morning. So they bring me into this room make me lay down and put an IV into my hand, a blood pressure cuff on my arm, a thingy on my finger, and an oxygen tube. Before I knew was going on I was out of it, I do remember them spraying my throat with something awful to numb it. I finally woke up in recovery later, where they made me drink hot water to make sure I could swollow. She then put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to awesome guys truck. The doctor informed him that I don't have ulcers, which is what I thought I had. I have a Hiatus hernia so I have a script that I have to take for a month, now hopefully it is the problem, and not something that is the results of the problems.

Fun Filled Weekend

So We had a very interesting and activity weekend. Starting on saturday Big boy had a soccer game in the morning, I mean bright and early 8am. Big boy was really excited to have grandma and his cousing MRD come to watch the soccer game. It was very cold at the game.

She's a little ball of fire and there is never a dull moment around her!!

Well Big boy and MRD went back to grandma's house with her so awesome guy could get some sleep he had worked all night and stayed up to make it to bigboys soccer game. Well after I got off work, we went to grandmas and papas house to spend time with them. We all played outside and Awesome guy and papa worked on the trees over grandmas house and the kids and I jumped on the trampoline.

They play so well together, only a little over a year apart in age, they are about the same size, and they are so cute.

Aunt RawRaw, that's me, I recieved that name when my oldest neice was little. I love having that name and i'm not even sure why. it's so cute. MRD still doesn't know I have a real name!!!

We wore her out and almost him.

Papa and awesome guy trimming the limbs off the tree that hovers over my mom's house. They really made it look a lot better.

So MRD and big boy wanted to have a sleepover at grandmas house so they were both spending the night with mom. Boy I bet she had her hands full, however she said they were good.

The next day after work Awesome guy and I went back up to my mom's to get big boy and spend some more time with them. Well Awesome guy and papa stayed at grandma's house to work on some computers. Grandma, Big boy and I decided to take MRD home and I bought a purse from the rhinestone cowgirls and I want to pick it up. Well my sister live on a dirt road outside of town, well it was only rain a little bit when we got there but with in minutes it was down pouring. My brother in law informed us that it wasn't wise to drive down the road while it was pouring because of the water currents. Well we waited thinking that I would let up any minute now, Well it just keep going. At like 9:oo at night awesome guy calls to tell me that he is just going to go home from mom and dad's and that the rain wasn't letting up anytime soon. So my brother in law got in his truck to see how the road was, well he came back in the house very shortly and said the ditches were overflowing and the streets were flooded so we were stuck there overnight. In the morning we finally get to leave and mom drove me home, well I was late for work. Big boy and I get home get dressed in a hurry and rush him over to his sitters house, that when I really noticed that I was really going to have a bad day because I couldn't get my car to start after I dropped him off so she had to give me a ride to work.Well my weekend was anything but boring!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Okay so I'm a little chicken...

Tomorrow is the big day well I guess... I really don't want to get my stomach scoped, I mean I know that it needs to be done. Everyone keeps telling me that its not that big of a deal because they give you something to drink that kinda knocks you out, however I'm really scared or maybe nervous I'm really not looking forward to it. I'm also not looking forward to having to stop eating or drink after midnight especially seeings how my appointments not till 11am. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I really tired of being sick, for the past 2 month I have been getting sick almost every time I eat, and let me tell you I'm really annoyed with it. I have had blood work, at least 12 urine pregnancy tests, an abdorminal sonogram, a gullbladder scan and now on the 28th I have to get a scope sent down my throat into my stomach to see if they can find anything there. At the moment they dont have a clue! Isn't that fun!! Not so in the mean time I am left in on the back burner hopeing and praying everytime I eat I can hold it down.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The next David Beckham

So it's offical I'm a soccer mom, and he has only had two games but he already loves it! He probably one of the shortest kids on his team. But it's super cute.. We are really proud of him and he is started to be better at the whole soccer thing. At first he did really well at practice and then at the first game i'm not sure if we was just cold, because trust me I was freezing, but he was a little afraid to get in there and do it. They also let him be goalie and poor little big boy thought that meant stay actually in the net itself instead of in front of it!! So I'm almost positive that my big boy will not be a goalie but you know what I'm okay with that! I think he is too fast to be a goalie, but that's my opinion.

He played better at his second game he wasn't afraid to go get the ball but it seemed that anytime someone got around him to get the ball off of him he stopped and pretty much said here you go you can have it. He is really enjoying playing the games although I'm not sure who gets more excited before his games me or him!!