Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, it's a really cute holiday. Big Boy had a Valentine's party at school, and I was the chairmom for the party. I planned them an activity do to, made them some goodie bags and brought cookies for the kids to enjoy.

Big boy had a lot of fun filling out his transformer valentines for all of his classmates. He had to make sure he picked out the right the one for each of our friends. Some of the names were hard for him to write, but he stuck with it and filled them all out by himself.

Big boy also made me a very nice Valentine's gift in his class, it had a really cute poem that came with it.

So at the party I had them make candy necklaces, come on you all loved candy necklaces when you were little, well I did anyways... So they did pretty good making the necklace, they only dropped a couple of beads on the floor.

The results were pretty cute too...

They had cookies, juicys and then sang and danced. Then we helped them read their valentines to them. I really enjoyed throwing the party and I think the kids had a really good time. Big boy did anyways.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mommy's So Proud!!!!!

My big, now big boy is growing up so fast, I'm a little sad but so proud at the same time. Okay there are two things that he has accomplished in the last week that are really special moments and little milestones.

Okay number one: His Minkie

My big boy has had a blanket from pretty much birth.

This is my big boy before he was crawling, and about when he first got interested in his "minkie". So over the years he has gotten more and more attached to the blanket. They were inseparable, he would go to bed with it, carry it around the house and chew on it.

Big boy sleeping standing up at grandma's with "minkie", he was 2 or 3 in this photo.

Big boy was very proud of his "minkie", He wanted to take it everywhere. As he got older it was not so cute anymore and the blanket started to become very torn and ratty. He would pull it apart and wrap it around his thumb as he sucked on his thumb. In this photo he was like 3 or 4.

Well awesome guy and I were debating on when to actually take it away from him. I felt bad because it was important to him, but awesome guy said that the longer we waited the harder it would be. I asked big boy when he was going to be ready to give me the blanket and he said umm maybe when I'm 16, I was like no that's too long, and so big boy decided that he should wait till he was 10 well I thought that was too long also. So I decided that when he entered kindergarten that the blanket would be mine. He agreed. Well Saturday before I went to work he informed me that he was ready to give me "minkie", well I told him to wait till I got off work and if he felt the same way then we would put it up. Well when I got home I asked him and he said he had changed his mind and wanted well I went ahead and convinced him that big boys don't carry blankets around and then he agreed so he gave him the blanket and we put it away with his baby clothes. It's been two days and he's only asked about it once. I'm so proud of him!!

This is what it looked like when he gave it up, it was almost two pieces.

Number 2: Shoes

For about the last month we have been trying to teach him how to tie his shoes, and he was been pretty stubborn about doing the whole "I can't" and "I keep trying" well this morning we told him to try to do it while I was getting ready and he did it!!!! He ended up tying both shoes!!

He was so proud of himself... Look at him smiling. I'm so Proud oh him