Friday, July 24, 2009


Seeings how I'm still trying to catch up on my blog, Big Boy wanted to do T-ball this year. So we signed him up, well the way the program works where we live is... it is a 6 week thing. For the month of June they would just go twice a week in the morning sometime and learn about baseball in general and would focus on the tball part. Well in July for 2 weeks the would split all the kids up in to 4 teams and they would all play 6 games. First they started out with the actual T. But for the last two games the coach (which was the coach of every team) would pitch them the ball. Each player got 5 chances to hit the ball after that they put the ball on to the T. The whole thing was about learning and experiencing the game, so they did not keep score.

Big boy before his first game, he was so excited!!

Hitting of the T, one of his first game, he usually didn't have a lot of problems hitting off the T!

Playing out field, it was really funny to watch, not only big boy but every kid on the teams would run for the ball no matter what position they were supposed to be out, there was several occasions that they would be out there fighting over the ball.

Waiting on the ball.

Big boy would beg the coach to let him play pitcher!! Look at him go!!

He had it the ball from the coach a couple of times at practice but it was not till the very last game that he hit it in front of awesome guy, and he only did it once!!!

All and all I know he had a lot of fun, he is looking forward to doing more baseball in the future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update on booboos!!!

As I posted back in march "Big boy's Big booboo". Big Boy had gotten into a fight with my sisters drive way, well as we all know Big boy lost. Well he has scars but funny thing is... The night it happened he was so upset thought he was gonna die, well now he shows them off, like oh it was no big deal wanna see them!! LOL!!!

Someone told me that there was something that helped with scars but I honestly think that he gives him some character. Well Big boy as you all know is my only child, and we aren't really planning on having more. I have my moments when I want more, but Awesome guy is pretty content with Big boy, well knowing this and the fact that he will 6 this year....:(. I took photos of him while he was sleeping, so I could remember when he was still little, they are really cute!!!

Shortly after that I was caught and thank goodness my big boy likes having photos taken of him so this is what I got.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Activities

Over the summer Big Boy was enrolled in several fun activities. We enrolled in a Soccer program, with the program he didn't get to play any actual games, just fun playing with a small group of children. They all get to learn the fundamentals of the game, the tricks and turns of learning to be a really great soccer player. Big Boy is really interested in the game at the moment so he is really loving it. He gets to go to it twice a week. He is really getting better at ball handling and all the fun stuff.

We also enrolled him into swimming lessons, for those of you who didn't know Big Boy was terrified of water. Not like I can't get him in the bathtub, but at my nephew's birthday party last year it took him an hour and a half to get him in the swimming pool, in which he had to be held very tightly the whole time. So awesome guy and I decided that maybe swimming lesson would help. We also bought him a pool, a little up to not even my knee pool, but to Big Boy it is huge, we it took him a very long time to just sit down. Well he didn't pass swimming lessons but he can now.........

  • Get in the water all by himself in the shallow end.
  • Go underwater with and without holding his nose.
  • and swimming underwater in his pool with the snorkle.
Now like I said he didn't pass but he did what I wanted him to and so I'm pretty proud oh him.

We also enrolled him in a Tball program, for the month of June all they did was learn about the game and what to do. Well for 2 weeks he has games and he is really doing a really great job.

I'll post about the games later, but I think that Big Boy is turning into a little sports star!!!


Okay so I've been slacking and I haven't posted to 2 months sorry.... Well lets get updated and then I'll start keeping up... hopefully!!!

Where to begin??? So since the last time we talked Big boy did British soccer camp. He loved it, two gentlemen from England came down and taught the kids all the fundamental of soccer which awesome guy and I thought would be great for big boy because when he was on the regular soccer team when they started having games they stopped having practices. It was really funny, the teachers would call it football and big boy thinking that he knows it all would say it's call soccer and laugh really hard!! How funny.... It was a 5 day class and some of the days had themes.

This is super hero day, Big boy is in the dark Vader mask. The had to big super hero costumes for their coaches to dress up in.

This is the whole class on the final day

Big boy with his coaches.

It was a really great experience for him, so if they offer it next year, we will probably let him do it again, he really liked it!!

I also went on vacation doing this period, I was able to do a lot of things with my nieces, nephew, mom, and big boy. We took the kiddos to the zoo, to see the new tigers.

The kids had a really great time. After the zoo we head back because DPD my nephew had a Baseball game that night.

If I remember correctly I think he's team won that night, well we let there and came back to my house where all the kids spent the night with me. In the morning mom came back down, we all went to the parks. We went to the park in the next town over where there is a big train that the kids can play on. Then we came back and then we came back and went to the big park in town.

Kids on top of the train at the train park, all of them has a really great time.

We had a lot of fun at that park too, by the time we left everyone was really tired and cranky. So we left there to go to TAD's softball game which was 30 minutes away from where they live. Well it ended up raining so they stopped the game for a half an hour to see if it would let up, well they were able to finish up the game. However do to the fact that my camera is my baby, I left it in the car after that so it didn't get rained on so I really didn't get any good photos.

TAD before her game.

Well a couple of days later Mom, Big boy and I came down to watch MRD play a Tball game, watching her play Tball was the cutest thing ever!!

She's not the greatest at hitting off the T, but she was really fun to watch, and I'm pretty sure she was having a blast!!!!

Well the rest of the week was pretty slow, one of my other nephews birthday party was that Saturday.

CDW at his 4th birthday party!!

All the kiddos at the birthday party playing in the sprinklers.

MRW letting his dad give him a Mohawk.

The next day my SIL, came to visit so Big Boy, JMW and JMW2, went to the castle park and then they got to swim in the pool that we bought for big boy to help him with his fear of water.

The poor boys were all hot and sweaty that's why they went swimming.

This was my last day of vacation. We had so much fun.