Friday, July 24, 2009


Seeings how I'm still trying to catch up on my blog, Big Boy wanted to do T-ball this year. So we signed him up, well the way the program works where we live is... it is a 6 week thing. For the month of June they would just go twice a week in the morning sometime and learn about baseball in general and would focus on the tball part. Well in July for 2 weeks the would split all the kids up in to 4 teams and they would all play 6 games. First they started out with the actual T. But for the last two games the coach (which was the coach of every team) would pitch them the ball. Each player got 5 chances to hit the ball after that they put the ball on to the T. The whole thing was about learning and experiencing the game, so they did not keep score.

Big boy before his first game, he was so excited!!

Hitting of the T, one of his first game, he usually didn't have a lot of problems hitting off the T!

Playing out field, it was really funny to watch, not only big boy but every kid on the teams would run for the ball no matter what position they were supposed to be out, there was several occasions that they would be out there fighting over the ball.

Waiting on the ball.

Big boy would beg the coach to let him play pitcher!! Look at him go!!

He had it the ball from the coach a couple of times at practice but it was not till the very last game that he hit it in front of awesome guy, and he only did it once!!!

All and all I know he had a lot of fun, he is looking forward to doing more baseball in the future.

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  1. Aww he is so sweet!!! Love the cute pictures of him!!! Tell him I said good job!!