Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend at mumu's

A couple of weeks ago mom and I decided to take Big boy, and my neices and nephew (TAD, DPD, And MRD) to visit my grandma (mumu). She lives in a little town that we are from that is about three hours away. So on friday night we took off, we had to take 2 car because we both have little cars and there are two many of us. So me and the girls in 1 car, and mom and the boys in the other car, headed on our 3 hour drive to visit mumu. We ended up getting there late in the night so all the kids were wired from the drive and bouncing off the walls. With the kids being very excited about being at mumus we all woke up quite early but that was okay with me, I was able to get some really great photos.

After they ate breakfast they went straight outside to go play. They had a lot of fun, they mostly played with the wagon, the little car, or they just walked on the rocks. There were a couple of fights but they really got along really well.

We also took a walk across the pond, the kids found a pear tree and they really liked looking at the pond.

Well mumu has a swimming pool, however about a week prior to us coming to visit, they had really bad thunderstorms which caused mud to go into the pool. So mumu was trying to clean up the pool and made it clear again, by the time we got there the pool was swimable but they were a little cloudy. So we let the kids swim, MRD was a little daredevil and she was not afraid of jumping in to TAD, DPD was also jumping into the pool and having a really great time, Big boy was a little more timid and would not get off the ladder the whole time.

After swimming we sat around and talked, and the kids played some more and "butthead fred" came to visit us (butthead fred is what DPD named my cousin). She and I decided to make the kids a suprise after dinner snack. The kids couldn't handle not knowing what we were doing. We made them Oreo balls, it was really funny, we had to have mumu help us at one point because we burnt the chocolate. We had a lot of fun, and they turned out really good.

The rest of the trip we just spent hanging out with the family and catching up, it was really nice to spend time with my family, I haven't seen them in a while.

We had a great weekend.

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  1. You know I LOVE those first pictures!!! Your mumu's looks like such a blast!!! I know you all had a great time! And hopefully someday you can make me some Oreo balls?!?! I promise I won't try to sneak a peek through the window :)