Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, it's a really cute holiday. Big Boy had a Valentine's party at school, and I was the chairmom for the party. I planned them an activity do to, made them some goodie bags and brought cookies for the kids to enjoy.

Big boy had a lot of fun filling out his transformer valentines for all of his classmates. He had to make sure he picked out the right the one for each of our friends. Some of the names were hard for him to write, but he stuck with it and filled them all out by himself.

Big boy also made me a very nice Valentine's gift in his class, it had a really cute poem that came with it.

So at the party I had them make candy necklaces, come on you all loved candy necklaces when you were little, well I did anyways... So they did pretty good making the necklace, they only dropped a couple of beads on the floor.

The results were pretty cute too...

They had cookies, juicys and then sang and danced. Then we helped them read their valentines to them. I really enjoyed throwing the party and I think the kids had a really good time. Big boy did anyways.

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