Thursday, April 9, 2009

The next David Beckham

So it's offical I'm a soccer mom, and he has only had two games but he already loves it! He probably one of the shortest kids on his team. But it's super cute.. We are really proud of him and he is started to be better at the whole soccer thing. At first he did really well at practice and then at the first game i'm not sure if we was just cold, because trust me I was freezing, but he was a little afraid to get in there and do it. They also let him be goalie and poor little big boy thought that meant stay actually in the net itself instead of in front of it!! So I'm almost positive that my big boy will not be a goalie but you know what I'm okay with that! I think he is too fast to be a goalie, but that's my opinion.

He played better at his second game he wasn't afraid to go get the ball but it seemed that anytime someone got around him to get the ball off of him he stopped and pretty much said here you go you can have it. He is really enjoying playing the games although I'm not sure who gets more excited before his games me or him!!


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