Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Boy's new adventures

So... Seeings how I haven't posted in a very long time, there is a lot that has happened.  But I want to get back on track.  Big boy has done so much lately.  I'm so proud of him he is really coming out of his shell lately. 
Well as most of you know Awesome guy and I are HUGE fans of hockey!! So we watch every game that the Pittsburgh Penguins play and so Big boy has gotten really interested in it too.  Well we had always taken Big boy ice skating every year and he used to hate it when he was little but he has grown to enjoy it so Big Boy decided that he wanted to play hockey.  So we looked into it and in order to play hockey you have to know to ice skate!! Obviously!! So in January he started ice skating lessons,  there are 5 stages he has to pass before he is able to start the hockey training.  So far he has passed all of them we are currently on the last session and if next Tuesday he passes the class then he will be able to go into hockey training and then start playing actual games!!!  So wish us good luck!!

Big boy at his very first practice

At practice a couple of weeks ago...

Next adventure: Football
  Big boy has tried soccer-loves it wants to play more.
T-ball- liked it but we are waiting on an actual program in our community, right now they were just offering intro into t-ball,  in which they got to play a whole 6 games.
Hockey- working on it and is loving every minute of it. 
So... Starting in 1st grade, which is what grade Big boy is going to be in (tear)  they let you join football.  Now honestly I really never thought this would be something my son would be in.  He is a little guy and is a little scared of current things.  Well Awesome guy wants him to try everything at least once so that he really knows what he likes.  So football it is.. Well he hasn't started game yet,  they are just practicing.  Well the first week of practice it was way too hot for them to practice in full gear.  Well they started hitting about a week ago and amazing enough he still likes it.  I'm hoping that he will still like it after another team is hitting him.  But I'm one proud momma, he is always willing to try new sports.. He is my little MVP!!

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