Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Boy turns 6!!!!!

It is very hard to believe that on October 8th, my big boy turned 6 years old!!  The birthday like any birthday we celebrate for big boy is bittersweet.  It's sad because we have no intentions of having anymore children and I have my moments when I want a baby again. However I'm also excited about it because I can think of all the new and exciting activities and projects big boy will be able to do.

We took cupcakes to school for his friends to enjoy for his birthday.  I was on vacation during his birthday so we spent the day after school playing. The awesome guy, bigboy and I had a special birthday dinner at home.
That weekend we decided to let big boy have his first sleepover with all of his boy cousin's. Unfortunatly CDW was sick and wasn't able to spend the night but the rest were able to stay the night so they stayed up late watching movies. The next day we had his birthday party with the family at the rec center. Our rental house is just too small for our very large family!! Everyone seemed to have a great time. I still can't believe that he is 6!!

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