Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soccer time

Between september and october, Bigboy played another season of Soccer. He really had a lot of fun. Some of the games were cooler than he is used too. He did really good, He even scored his first goal. We were really proud of him, you could really tell that he had learned so much from last season, the british soccer camp, and the other soccer program he did over the summer.

Big boy suited up to be a goalie, all bundled up!
At practice before a game, scored a goal, and was excited.

Running with the ball!
Big boy's first goal you can't really see it well but he did it.

Big boy had a lot of fun playing fall soccer, he is going to tackle some different sports in the future as well as more soccer. It is really starting to look like I have a little sports star!! Such a proud mama!!

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