Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mommy's big helper

My Big boy is going through that "I wanna help you mommy" phase. I'm not quite sure weather I like this or not, you see for those of you who don't know me very well I'm very picky about the way things are done. So it takes everything I have to just say "Thank you bub, you did great" and then waiting till he runs off to fix so I don't hurt his feeling and also so he doesn't give up...

Well last night I decided that Big boy could help with Dinner well Breakfast for Dinner, if he wanted to, I don't want to force him into anything. It should fun for him or he is going to hate it.

Step#1 Cracking open the eggs..

He was being so careful!! I'm really proud of the fact that our eggs didn't have eggshells in them!! Good Job Big boy.

Step#2: Scrambling the eggs

Big boy needed some help on this part he couldn't get it whisked up enough to break up the yolks but he got really close!!

Step#3: We like to make a type of scrambler so we add the bacon to the eggs

(oh I cheated so Big boy could think that he was helping on every part of breakfast so we cooked the bacon in the microwave, he's just not ready for cooking bacon on the stovetop quite yet)

I was a little impressed with the fact that he didn't sneak a bite, he's a lot like his daddy when it comes to bacon, loves it and doesn't mind stealing other people's pieces!!

Step#4: Actually scrambling the egg/bacon

And Congratulations Big boy you just completed your first meal!! Very cute!!! I'm gonna turn him into a very nice husband for someone , someday!! He also took the trashcan to the house from the curb!!!

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  1. Ha Ha that is too cute!! Way to go Big boy!!! That's good Stephy, your future daughter-in-law (in like 25 years LOL) will appreciate all of this!!