Friday, May 8, 2009

Big boy's Spring Sing

Well Big boy had his spring concert yesterday for school, it's so hard to believe that the school year is almost over! So the classes sang 8 songs, the must of been practicing for a while and big boy did a very nice job keeping it a secret on which songs they were doing!!!

The little actions they did were so cute!!

He really got into it!!

I actually think it was ahead of everyone else.

Not quite sure what they are doing here but I also can't remember what song this picture is from seeings how I took over 400 photos of the whole concert!! LOL

Okay so Big boy decided that he didn't like doing the normal gestures that everyone else is doing so he broke out into the robot. I was laughing so hard I was crying, it was very difficult to take photos like that but somehow I managed, I did however have to wipe my viewfinder off at least twice.
Well come to find out we weren't the only ones amused by big boys actions. A couple of friends said that it was the cutest thing they had ever seen. I was still having people coming up to me to tell me that they could keep from watching bigboy and they loved him doing the robot...

It's really hard for me to believe that big boy will be in kindergarten next year, I really find it very sad!! Oh well we have a very busy fun filled summer ahead of us. We have decided to enroll him in swimming lessons (somehow he is so scared of the pool), more soccer, on top of the british soccer camp and we are going let him try T-ball hopefully he is better at that then I was and he will be able to go around the T!! I'll keep you posted!!


  1. I love his little robot dance!!!

  2. Oh Stephy I wish I could have been there!!! I can totally picture your laughing with tears in your eyes!! You are such a good mommy, Hunter is very blessed!!! I love, love, love the pictures!!! I love the one where he looks like he's trying to fly!! Isn't it amazing how we end up with so many pictures LOL, maybe we need to go to picture takers anonymous!! JK!!