Friday, September 3, 2010


So I had posted before how Big boy was afraid of water (not like baths, but like swimming).  Well he took swimming lessons last year, but he failed it, and all the instructor wrote was will not get over his fear of water.  To be honest it was very frustrating how scared he was of the water.  Well we worked with him little by little, and by the end of the summer,  he would get in with no problems and even go underwater but he had to be able to touch the bottom with his hand.  This year we decided not to put him into swimming lesson this year because he was still not willing to do what they would want him to do.  We took him swimming several time where it was just for fun, no pressure.  Over time he would get more comfortable, and he would swim underwater, as long as he could touch the bottom with his hand.  The pool where we live starts out from nothing and gets bigger.  So he mostly stayed in the little, little water.  Well we made him go into the water to 3 feet deep.  We knew that we were going to be making a trip to mumus with the family so we wanted him to go to 3 deep so he knew what it would be like in mumu's pool and he could touch so I knew he would be good. We go to mumu's and at first he just hangs out by the ladder and wouldn't do anything else besides go underwater by the ladder.  Well Saturday when the other kids showed up and they were going to go swimming big boy freaked out because mumu had added more water to the pool which made it deeper.  So we wigged out for a little while, then he got in and played for a while and then finally he let me put the floaties on him and he actually trusted them.  THEN he started swimming with them on and we would jump into the pool and by the end of the day he was swimming to the deep end with his floaties on!!!! I'm so proud of him.. I think next year we will probably put him into the swimming lessons again.  He such be ready by then. 

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  1. YAY Big Boy!! SO glad to hear he's getting used to it!! Some kiddo's are just that way!! J never really has cared for the water but he'll swim when he feels like it!