Monday, January 26, 2009

Hockey, Hockey, We Love Hockey

We went to the Thunder Hockey game on Saturday, they played against the Oklahoma City Blazers. We were all there me, Awesome guy, Big Boy and a couple of friends. The Place was packed it was very exciting!!

This is Davis, last time we went to see the thunder play, Big boy got to meet him, had his picture taken with him and got his autograph. He loved it. Big boy takes after mommy and daddy and he really loves hockey.
There wasn't as many fights as I liked but there was one good one that they threw down and went to town, but the rest of them the refs wouldn't let the fights end up with anything.

There was also this guy named Cameryn dancing in the stands, he worked for thunder to get the crowd pumped up and rowdy. He was wearing layers of shirts and he would take them off and swing the around and throwing them into the stands. My big boy was trying to catch something the whole game either from thunder dog, Cameryn or the other people throwing things into the stand and the whole game was disappointed. Finally during the last period of the game, Cameryn came down to our section and was sitting behind us, Big boy being somewhat not shy was like Hey and cameryn starting talk to him. After a minute or so Cameryn handing Big boy a shirt and thank him for being a fan and told him to stay in school.

Now granted Big boy won't really be able to fit into this shirt for like 10 years but it's still he's special thing that he was given. The whole thing was very cute. Oh and Thunder beat the Blazers 5-2 it was a really good game.

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  1. Look at that cheesey grin. I love it. Tell him Aunt Jen loves him.

    Oh and take the stupid word verifation thing off your coments it is annoying.;)